Thandi’s Story

Thandi found poached.

Thandi found poached.

Thandi recovered.

Thandi recovered.

Amidst the hundreds of rhinos slaughtered in 2012, one rhino beat the odds. Her name is Thandi.

In early March of 2012 three rhinos were found poached in the Kariega Game Reserve. One immediately
died. The remaining two made it through the night. The survivors-Thandi (meaning love) and Themba
(meaning hope) were tended to with intense veterinary care.

Unfortunately after 24 days, Themba died.

Thandi lived. She fought a long, painful battle, but miraculously recovered. She lives without a
horn, without her companions, but she lives with hope. Perhaps the one thing that almost killed her
(having a horn) will now be her salvation.

To follow more about Thandi’s story go to or

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12 thoughts on “Thandi’s Story

  1. I am glad Thandi recovered from her wounds….:(

  2. ster

    Thandi se liefde

    Haar eens trotse horing verpoeierd –
    gesnuif –
    sweef in donker wolke
    in sindikaat aktetas
    haar hartseer onbeskryf –
    maak sagte geluide –
    vroteier in dagdrome se omgekeerde hartseer gemoed
    om wreedheid te verstaan
    vergaan nimmermeer
    vul harte keer op keer
    met inspirerende kloppende bloed
    wat uit gekneusde-bevlekte grond roep
    spatsels trane vind beseerde stompgesaagde snoet
    troos in modderbad komplot
    haar swewende drome dartel soos vlinders in bosveldruigtes rond om vir oulaas liefde te vind
    verdwyn skaamteloos in bloedrooi horison



    No horn for ever
    Gone is her proud
    But an inspiration for all.
    You are a star

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  9. We wanted to share with you that we just recently visited Kareiga and were privilege to meet Thandi and her baby. Many beautiful pictures and video of them and we fell in love with them and her story. We were so blessed to go there from the states as a Make A Wish for our son who has his own struggle to deal with in life. His favorite animal going there was the Rhino and even more so now. We will always be supportive of Fighting for them just as we fight for our son. Tonight we turned on our television and a show was on called Operation Wild, and it was about the Rhino poaching and a story on Thandi was on. Gave us chills to see. We pray that the poaching stops and these animals can live with out the fear anymore.

    • How exciting for you all to have had the privilege! And thank God for Make a Wish! She is an amazing, awe-inspiring girl. I’d love to hear more about your trip, your son, and your experience. Would you mind sharing more with us through photos and a little Q n A? Please email us at

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