United We Stand

birdsI came upon this picture on fb this morning. Seems rather simple and easy to figure out. “Don’t harm wildlife by littering.”

Incredibly, the guy who posted it was immediately bombarded with comments: “This is an urban myth.” “That’s not the right picture, the pictures from a different article.” “Go read about it, you’re wrong”. And on and on. It turned into a long thread of nonsense arguing.

Yes birds, squirrels and other wildlife have mistaken gum for real food. I’m not sure if they’ve died directly from it but it’s obviously not good for them. Does it really matter if it was this particular bird? Is the message not the same?

I then read a letter from a safari game driver to his superior. He, along with his clients (aka tourists), witnessed a poaching in progress in broad daylight.  Horrific!

People started brainstorming; suggesting that perhaps the tourists could put pressure on the government to do something to help combat the poaching crisis. Only once again it turned into a mile long thread on why it won’t work. One person suggested everyone stay quiet about it because “we don’t want to scare away tourists.” And in the end the poor guy was basically called a liar, as there was no “documentation” this happened.

Should we lie to tourists, and not tell the world our elephants and rhinos are being killed and sent to extinction faster than the speed of light? And if there’s not a news crew standing around with a camera, bad things don’t really happen?

Try giving your opinion on the debate of legalizing the trade of rhino horn or ivory-look out! People take it extremely personal. And  its great to have an opinion and care, but while we argue our animals are dying.

Why are we so critical of one another? Since when has being quiet ever won any wars? We need to unite together and shout to the rooftops. SAVE OUR ANIMALS. STOP POACHING. If people don’t know, they can’t care. If they don’t care, they can’t help.

We all criticize our politicians for not getting their jobs done, for arguing and stalling; yet how can we expect them to act differently, when WE, the advocates, can’t get along?

Bottom line: this is OUR Earth, and we alone are responsible for it. Don’t destroy it, don’t destroy the creatures on it ; get involved and be a part of the solution.

By the way-experts say the chance is remote, but it is possible for a bird to die from gum!

together proverb

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One thought on “United We Stand

  1. Love the African Proverb at the end of your post…:)

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