Rhino of the Week: Tatenda

There's a rhino in the bed!

There’s a rhino in the bed!

Marondera, Zimbabwe: Thought to be in a protected environment, 3 adult black rhinos and a baby were being housed in a stable like enclosure. But poachers know no bounds, and tragically slaughtered all the adults (including a pregnant female). The morning after the mayhem, little Tatenda was found hiding in fear.

He was nurtured and raised by a human mom, and taken in as family. Joining the family during breakfast, and befriending a warthog certainly didn’t make for a typical upbringing for Tatenda.

Animal Planet covered the touching story of Tatenda and the family who worked to rehabilitate this spectacular black rhino in “Theres a Rhino in my House.”

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One thought on “Rhino of the Week: Tatenda

  1. Sounds like a good song…cue the guitar please .”Ohhhhh.. there’s a rhino in my house , a rhino in my house He’s taking all my blankets and left me cold in my bed..cold in my bed…Soooo What am I gonna do? What am I gonna Do? About this rhino in my house rhino in my house …well I dont know I dont know…I guess I’ll just have to hold tight to my pillow and continue to be coooold……”

    Yeah a hit in the making I’m thinking….loved the video about Tatenda

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