Toto the Fighter-Animal of the Week

His leg is so swollen, his wrinkles had straightened out.

His leg is so swollen, his wrinkles had smoothed out.

Kenya-Thanks to Fly4Elephants, a young elephant was spotted by air patrol staggering in the bush. He had been speared with a poisoned tip. Barely able to stand, the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) deployed a veterinarian to the area to assess his condition.

On Feb 15 the veterinarian darted him and treated him with pain killers and antibiotics. He seemed ok that day and the next.

Feb 17 he was seen in a pond, eating and drinking. A good sign! The next day he seemed somewhat relaxed and even tried to knock down a tree.

Sleeping with his head resting on the tree.

Sleeping with his head resting on the tree.

Feb 20, the veterinary team darts him again to clean his wound. He is startled by the dart and falls down on his bad leg. The team gets him up after a great deal of effort.

Feb 21, he is sleeping with his head on a tree. He is very uncomfortable and cannot lie down. Everyone fears he seems to be giving up.

Feb 22, He is desperate for sleep, and has lost weight. The decision is made is relieve him of his suffering and put him down. The vet will come out tomorrow.

Feb 23, To everyone’s surprise, there seems to be slight improvement.

A visit from family.

A visit from family.

Feb 24, The little bull had a visit from his family today. There was a herd of over 150 elephants. Amongst them a family of 5 or 6 peeled off and spent time with him, stroking  and  touching him all over … they were very reluctant to leave him.

Feb 25, In the morning Toto was eating, still  hanging on.  Then in the evening,  just a few hours ago-he chose a final resting place and passed away. It was the same resting place another bull elephant had died in 4 months ago. Is it a coincidence his family visited in the last hours? Did they come to bid farewell?

This brave soul fought hard, and suffered much, but his pain is over, his journey has ended. Rest in peace Toto. Let your struggle be a wake up call, a lesson for all of us on the tragedy of poaching.

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8 thoughts on “Toto the Fighter-Animal of the Week

  1. GiRRL_Earth

    Poor baby.

  2. Great post. Will share a link on our facebook page at:

    Many Blessings!

    ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”

  3. marymckearney

    Reblogged this on A voice for elephants.

  4. vidhidoshi91

    love your blog. What do you think of this –
    Researchers calling to legalise rhino horn.

    • Thanks! I recently did a post on this very issue “To trade or not to trade”. I can’t wrap my mind around legalising trade, I think there would still be massive corruption with the illegal trade aspect of it. That being said, I welcome any and all arguments, ideas, articles on either aspect. I hope and pray with enough attention on this issue, that in the end we can save our rhinos and elephants before its too late.

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