Bull fighter becomes animal rights activist

PHOTO NOTE:  The name of the Matador in this photo is unknown.

Some say, the Matador’s posture is not one of sadness, but one of defiance to the bull.

This post ponders the few Matadors who have choosen to walk away.

The matador

looks into the eyes

of a sentient, living being,

and sees it’s soul,

stops in the middle of an unfair fight,

walks to a ledge inside the stadium,

sits down,

hangs his head

and begins to cry.


A number of bullfighters throughout history, after recognizing the sentience of the living being they are torturing, have walked away from bullfighting forever.  One such ex-bullfighter, turned animal rights activist was Alvaro Munera, who was quoted:

And suddenly, I looked at the bull.

He had this innocence

that all animals have in their eyes,

and he looked at me with this pleading.

It was like a cry for justice,

deep down…

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  1. If a matador can change, and poachers can change, there is hope for all of mankind.

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