Pink Elephants & Poison Rhinos

This weekend many people will partake  in the tradition of dyeing eggs. So it’s a fitting time to discuss dying ivory. More specifically the actual  tusks themselves.

Will dyed tusks prevent poaching?

Will dyed tusks prevent poaching?

This is an idea that I first noticed on Facebook and is being presented in a petition as well. The theory is the dye while safe for the elephants, will serve as a deterrent to poachers. Anyone coming into contact, through selling or buying, will immediately know the tusks were poached. Of course theoretically no one would want to utilize the ivory in this form.

Currently similar tactics are being used in rhino horn, only the dye is more than just visible, it is actually toxic as well. Therefore, not only is it useless for display, it  causes illness in anyone consuming the horn. The critics of this plan argue there is an ethical issue of poisoning people. But isn’t there an ethical issue in breaking the law to kill endangered species?

Rhino horn being infused with toxin.

Rhino horn being infused with toxin.

It’s incredible to think it’s come to this-dying animals to save them. But desperate times call for desperate measures. There is no effort or idea that can be overlooked when it comes to saving these creatures from extinction. If we fail, the price is too great.

To view and sign the petition, go to CHANGE.ORG

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16 thoughts on “Pink Elephants & Poison Rhinos

  1. vidhidoshi91

    Reblogged this on SafariCam.

  2. vidhidoshi91

    Love your posts Rhino Girl!

  3. I agree with the dying of the Majestic Elephant tusk with dye and so be it if the poacher sells the horn of the Rhinos to consumers (shame on them knowing what they are buying) and ingest this toxin knowingly. Would that not be suicide? If the word is out there then then should not buy these products and this will put the poacher out of work. The consumer would not but a toxin at the store and use it. This should take care of the ethical issue. I say go for it save our planet and the beautiful creatures that God gave us. Too bad there is not a need for Poacher Balls and Penis we could go out and poacher the poacher knock them down cut off his balls and penis leave them there to die and take them to market……Sorry I do tend to go on.

    • Love your comments Bobbie. I agree with the dye. Makes sense and I never thought of it. Great idea, really. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Love the idea of balls and penises. In China there would probably be a market. Ignorant people would eat them to improve virility.

    • agreed- i think the ethical issue is killing the rhino- not the idiot consuming rhino horn. Let them get poisoned- may take that tough lesson to not eat rhino horn out of fear if nothing else else works. Sorry, zero fucks given to ANYONE who thinks using/consuming ivory or rhino horn is ever acceptable. I find it humorous that these trophy hunters (for example) liken it to regular hunting. Sorry friends- hunting deer, boar, or rabbit (all wonderful proteins) is NOT even remotely the same thing as MURDERING elephants, rhinos, whales, seals, etc. One is hunting game, the other is cold blooded murder. Giraffes, elephants, lions, etc. are NOT game.
      Rant done.

  4. tina

    stop the demand, it should be against the law to buy or sell ivory anywhere in the world! No one should own it or have it in their homes. Africa should have tougher, strictor and protected borders, no one should be let in unless they have proof what they there for, more rangers, camaras, people watching and protecting!!! on ground and form air,
    projects to help animals survive and live freely and safely, villages helped by creating jobs to help them to help their wild life garden and ours,

  5. Rene Lemire

    YES! Poison the sick bastards; put them out of their misery. Paint and poison all products like this. No one should be able to afford to destroy any one else here. As long as it is not harmful to the animal fill them to the brim with poison!

  6. Sharon

    Why has the petition closed, only just seen it on facebook today and it is getting a lot of comments

    • This article was from 2013. I imagine it just ran out of time on the person who wrote it.But it’s still a good thing for it to get attention. In fact the initiative of dying rhino horns is still alive and well. The Rhino Rescue Project is working on improvements and application as we speak.

  7. Ellyse Adele Vitiello

    If this is safe for elephants it may be the answer.

  8. what is the latest update on this topic? Poor elephants are still being poached non stop??? Any other valid ways to stop killing off these amazing creatures? The public is just not educated about the ivory trade in general:((

  9. Welcome Mind_Action

    Yeah…! great idea but only if it won’t cause illness to the nearby animals.

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