Brave Little Orphan

Amboseli National  Park – December 2011 a baby elephant was born. He was named Jasiri, meaning “brave one”. Little did anyone know how fitting that name would become. A year later, Christmas of 2012, his mother was found dead, another suspected death by poachers. There was no sign of Jasiri, his sister or other members of his family.Jasiri

Since calves suckle until they are three years of age, and rely on their mother for nutrition as well as protection , it was assumed poor Jasiri did not make it. However, to everyone’s surprise, three months later Jasiri was spotted 20km from where his mother was murdered.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi Rescue Team was immediately deployed to bring him in. With the necessary manpower, nutrition and medical supplies they rescued the calf and are caring for him, hoping to help him survive.

The following is video footage of the rescue:

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3 thoughts on “Brave Little Orphan

  1. Poor little baby! BASTARD poachers. All because of China’s greed. ARGH!

  2. What a great video. Some asshole poacher better not lay a hand on this little guy. ARGH! I’m so sick and tired of the humans and their greed!

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