Poaching Update

URGENT: 13 rhino were poached this week in Kruger National Park.

The total now stands at 229 killed since January 1st.

rhino poached cartoon

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3 thoughts on “Poaching Update

  1. slpauw@telkomsa.net

    Just woke up here in the KNP and I have tears in my eyes, can not believe this awful news. Enough is enough, poachers must be shot on sight .. No use arresting them then bail, cause they go back and poach more this has made me sad (saw no Rhino yesterday) can’t enjoy our holiday when we here news like this.
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    • I know. We’re all tired of it. Enough politics, enough waiting…Botswana has it right- shoot-to-kill.
      Drastic yes-but so too is the crisis.
      Please try to salvage some of your holiday and I hope you may see a rhino yet..

  2. ARGH!!!!! WTF????????

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