“Say a Prayer for the Rhino”

Say a prayer for the rhino: it’s coming again,
evil is stalking, seeking its prey,
full moon silhouette, giving her away.
Say a prayer for the rhino that she may evade.

With the night so long and the moon,
so bright
she’s aware of the sounds, footsteps so light,
she senses a demon…stalking her ground
closing so slowly, there’s danger inbound.
Hide the horn, burying her face,
look around, there’s no hiding place.

Where is little one?gifafrica
Scared running around
taps against belly
once Mom is found.
The fright, the scurry
the loudness, the sound!
Run baby run…
make your feet pound the ground.

So she’ll bolt and she’ll plunge in a headlong charge
at the upright two legged poachers at large.
And in the moment of loss and the panic of flight
acacia will break, more sounds in the night.
Fright empowered feet imprinting the clay,
each small sign gives her path away
for the evil following her in its gunsight this night
may bring to an end, another Rhino’s might!

Where is the little one?B n W rhino n babe
Scared running around
no taps against belly
no Mom is found.
The fright the scurry,
the loudness the sound!
Run baby run…
make your feet pound the ground.

As the Roller Bird ceases singing it’s song,
and the Oxpecker flies screaming alarm,
he binds himself to his mother’s speed,
as she seeks the cover they desperately need.
They’ve gone into the shadows,
they’ve gone into the night,
avoiding the expanse of the open plateau,
they find cover and silence their fright.
Say a prayer for the Rhino…,
Alive…, for one more night!

By: Guy P. Murdock & Jim McIntosh

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4 thoughts on ““Say a Prayer for the Rhino”

  1. That is the most frighteningly beautiful and sad poem! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Jade Khan

    With the night so long and the moon so bright,
    She’s suspicious of sounds, footsteps so light,
    She senses a demon stalking her ground,
    Thinking slowly, that there’s danger around,
    Hiding her horns, hiding her face,
    Looking around, there’s no hiding place.
    Where is my little one?
    Scared running around,
    She found her, asking her baby to run like she’s pounding the ground,
    As she hides her head,
    There are two poachers ahead,
    They give her a fright,
    The mother rhinoceros is looking for a fight,
    To protect her baby she pounds the ground,
    Those targets in front of her, her baby was found,
    She kicked and she plunged,
    Protecting her baby,
    She gave up her horns,
    Because she wanted to save her baby’s ones,
    She was suffering pain like thorns,
    But she prayed for the next night to be safe,
    And that’s what she got,
    A night full of glee,
    They were happily free.

  3. Ahhhhh sweet it’s very good

  4. Victoria Koch

    We need a rhino prayer circle. The power of prayer can help them.

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