Everyone Can Do Something

put yourself in rhino

Tell people what is happening.  Right now as we drink our coffee, watch tv, drive to work-our rhino are being slaughtered.
Spread the news:

  • rhino are poached for their horn because it is highly desired in Asian communities
  • many in Asia believe the horn cures medical ailments; which is NOT true
  • there are only 22,000 rhino left in Africa
  • Every day 3 rhino are killed
  • they usually suffer a long, painful death and poachers leave the babies orphaned
  • this is devastating to people as well, since it threatens tourism, and the poaching money funds terrorist and criminal groups.

Sign petitions:

*Support Anti-Poaching efforts in for rhinos

*Support Funding for Anti-Poaching education

*Say No to CITES lifting the ban on rhino horn trade

*Save the Rhinos

Make Donations:

Any of the links on the left side of my blog are reputable charities who do great things for the rhino. Whether it’s geared toward anit-poaching tactics, helping the orphans survive or educating people on poaching and the medicinal myth of the horn, they all appreciate any amount you can mange.


For those of you fortunate enough to have the financial means, there are many reserves and sanctuaries who welcome volunteers to work with them on conservation efforts, rehabilitation and research.  Here are a couple: Enkosini Eco Experience   or    Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit

“Never doubt that a small group  of  thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has .” -Margaret Mead

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