Welcome: Ethan, the First 90lb Miracle in the US

The first baby rhino born via artificial insemination in the U.S.

montom zoo baby 2

The Montgomery Zoo in Alabama: 12-year-old Indian Rhino Jeta, was the first in the U.S. to successfully give birth through artificial means. In June little Ethan was born, weighing a healthy 90 lbs.

Ethan is only the second rhino ever born using thawed sperm. His father, Himal,¬† had his stored in the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cryobiobank. Although Himal resides at the same zoo as Jeta , the two grown rhino were deemed too aggressive to risk them mating naturally.

Montgomery Zoo experts estimate there to be 60 Indian Rhinos in captivity in North America, and only 2,500 left in the wild.

montg zoo 5

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One thought on “Welcome: Ethan, the First 90lb Miracle in the US

  1. I remember I was at the Budapest Zoo when they brought out Layla (the Zoo’s first rhino born of artificial insemination). So cute!

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