The Greatest Hoax on Earth

Circus elephants in the 1800s.

Circus elephants in the 1800s.

elephant circus modern

Circus elephants modern day.

A lot has changed in 200 years. We have been through two world wars, slavery was abolished, women are allowed to vote, the animal welfare act was enacted, and now there is a recognition of gay rights. Yet the circus and circus practice remains unchanged. The commonality in the above photos-dominating people with bullhooks in hand. Bullhooks are tools used to punish and control elephants.

FACT: Elephants are extremely intelligent and social creatures. In the wild, they live in families, roaming up to 25 miles per day. They do not stand on their heads, carry people around, walk in endless circles or ride in boxcars. In order to get them to do these things, they are forced by being beaten, chained whipped and tortured into submission.

*FACT: Animals in the circus spend 11 months a year traveling.

*FACT: They are caged or chained, forced to stand in their own waste and are often subjected to extreme temperatures.

*FACT: Every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set forth in the United States Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

The following video was made based on information from the RIngling Bros Circus trainers. Please watch: Training/Breaking a baby elephant for the circus

If you buy a ticket...

If you buy a ticket…

How You Can Help

The circus only exists because people pay money to go. Don’t go, and educate and encourage others not to. It’s really THAT easy!

There are websites devoted to helping animals that can help you protest and educate others to the realities of circus life for animals. Go to Peta or ADI (Animal Defenders International)

Start petitions, sign petitions. When the circus comes to your area, write to the venue that will be hosting them and ask them not to.

Michael Cotterman

You are supporting this!

Please sign and share the following: Stop Ringling Bros from coming to Grand Rapids Michigan!

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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Hoax on Earth

  1. Ringling just came through Dallas and I was horrified…. Even more horrified when zoo-coworkers went…

  2. Signed and shared. I like the comparison to 1800s as I usually write something like that “we are in 2013 not 1813 so why continue to act like 1813”

  3. Reblogged this on The View from a Drawbridge and commented:
    This is eye opening, and needs to be shared! However, I’ll warn you that if you watch the video, you’ll see images you won’t ever be able to forget. I only got through the first minute before I was bawling. Don’t go to circuses. Please.

  4. Hey, I never go to the circus. You should also see how Sea World captures Killer Whales. People suck. When my fleet of spaceships gets here, we are going to drop asteroids on this planet until lava oozes out of… wait… did I type that out loud?

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