The Hooligans


Hooligans at play!

South Africa’s Rhino Orphanage is home to three special residents: Ntombi, Nkwe and Pemba. They are affectionately referred to as the Hooligans. The three have all lost their mothers due to poaching, but have found a degree of normalcy and solace in each other.

hooligans 1

The welcoming committee for the newest orphan resident.

hooligans 3 sleeping

Even mischief-making hooligans need their sleep at the end of a long day.

The rhino who are rescued and brought to the Orphanage get a second chance at life, yet what happens to them when they are rehabilitated and released into the wild? The same danger still awaits them. To date, 556 rhino have been poached this year alone. Their future is in question. The Asian demand for horn is destroying the rhino.

Please sign: Stop Rhino Poaching AWF (African Wildlife Foundation)

Call for US to Reject SA Rhino Horn Trade

Call for UK to Reject SA Rhino Horn Trade

To donate go to: The Rhino Orphanage to help them continue caring for the Hooligans.

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3 thoughts on “The Hooligans

  1. Bless them, they are lovely. Thanks for raising awareness of this.

  2. Greed is destroying this planet. What will it take to get people to wake up, when it’s too late?

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