Attention: Writers and Artists

I’ve seen many talented people out there with pieces on rhinos, elephants and making a statement about poaching. I would love to showcase some of your work here on Fight For Rhinos. If you are interested, please submit poetry and drawings, etc to

This is an open invitation and there is no deadline. If your work is selected, I will inform you via email.

Keep up the great work people! Rhinos need our attention! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got πŸ˜‰

happy rhino


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5 thoughts on “Attention: Writers and Artists

  1. I am an art school drop out. Perhaps I should resurrect my talents?

    • A lot of the best ones I’ve seen come from people who have a day job, and draw or write to release stress, or who just picked up a pencil again for the first time. Believe me-I’m not a professional critic ha-ha! I just think its cool so many of us are inspired by these beautiful creatures.

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    Please help save Rhinos.

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