Elbows and Knees

For every act of injustice toward an animal, man is not far behind.

Rhinos, elephants, pangolins, and countless other creatures are on the brink of extinction. China, Vietnam, and Laos are some of the biggest culprits in their destruction; in the name of medicine.

In a previous post –Planet China: a World of Myths and Make-believe there is a phenomenal listing all creatures on China’s medical chopping block. This leaves many to wonder-what next?

The answer: humans. Apparently in a bit of information from an OSCAP (Outraged South Africa CItizens Against Poaching) member, human elbows and knees are now in demand for Asian medicine. There has been no mention as to what ailment this stands to miraculously cure, just an eerie and enormous step backwards for humanity.

mountains of elbows and knees

Carl Warner’s photo: ‘Mountains are made of elbows and knees’.

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6 thoughts on “Elbows and Knees

  1. Karen

    As an acupuncturist, I can’t begin to say how sad and angry this makes me. There are easy to grow and obtain plant remedies for each and every one of these issues.

  2. I saw this somewhere else and still can’t believe it’s true. Cannibalism? Really? On the moral scale, it’s not too much worse than using other animals’ parts, but it crosses a taboo line that leaves me flabbergasted. Someone bring some sanity to Chinese medicine, please!

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