Who’s to Blame?

hornless rhino 2Vietnam

With direct correlation to their economic growth, Vietnam is responsible for much of the demand of rhino horn these days. Unfortunately in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine, horn is a status symbol and shows how affluent one is.


Not to be let off the hook, China is a guilty party as well. With horn being touted as a cure to everything from headaches to cancer, it’s still highly desired for supposed medicinal properties.

South Africa

In the midst of all the demand, is the country with the world’s supply-South Africa. In an interesting article “Poaching, Is There an End in Sight?”, wildlife activist Colin Bell believes SA is driving the demand for ivory and rhino horn. He suggests there should be hunting bans on all wildlife, especially rhinos.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Who’s to Blame?

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  3. I’m surprised that China is in the lead! I blame South Africa because they do the poaching !

  4. I did see a programme on the telly once where it was suggested that the Rhino in these game reserves should be de-horned.

    • Ol’Pejeta is a very secure environment for the rhinos here. And sadly, de-horning isn’t always foolproof either. The bloody poachers kill in the dark before they realize there isn’t much to take, and sometimes they kill for the nubs too!

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