Guess What is Vietnam’s Most Popular Christmas Gift?

Yes, it’s rhino horn. This season’s gift to impress in elite social circles.

Not only is the horn believed to have medicinal properties, but now it is also a symbol of social status.The majority of consumers are wealthy influential people in Vietnamese society.

In a recent anonymous survey conducted, researchers discovered the primary reason for use is in how it makes the people feel; more psychological than anything physical. Peer pressure is cited as a reason for use among successful, well-educated urban males.

Please help. Combat rhino horn gift giving with the gift of anti-poaching funds. Go to the DONATE button and give through Paypal or send a direct donation via bank transfer.

FFR donation picThe rhinos thank you!

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5 thoughts on “Guess What is Vietnam’s Most Popular Christmas Gift?

  1. How insecure are these people that they have to show off? Jesus! I will never understand this need to “keep up with the Jones’s”!!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog and commented:
    Human ignorance is pathetic and always leads to tragedy: in this case, driving the rhinos to near extinction.

  4. How sad…..

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