If Animals Could Talk

If the animals could talk, if only for a day
what would they tell us, what would they say

Would elephants lift us high and trumpet out aloud
applaud all humans and of us be very proud

Or would they all herd together and maim us, everyone
for all the suffering and abuse that mankind has done

What would the rhino say when he lost his life and horn
and the animals that had the pelts from their bodies torn

Would that battered and broken dog his master still obey
or would he hold a grudge and now his master repay

Would all the caged animals stand together and break out
go on the rampage and abuse at us shout

What would the great apes in our forests have to say
or would they just stare at us in a state of dismay

Don’t forget the dolphins and the creatures of the deep
and all those animals that in winter time do sleep

Would they forgive us for their suffering and pain
or would our pleas for forgiveness be completely in vain

If the animals could talk, it would make their plight seem real
then we may understand exactly how they feel

~ Shelley Seiderer ~

girl with elephants by robin schwartz

Photo by Robin Schwartz

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2 thoughts on “If Animals Could Talk

  1. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  2. Great piece! Thanks for sharing!

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