Help Us Help Them: RPA

Reserve Protection Agency is a progressive conservation non-profit and public benefit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving South Africa’s threatened ecosystems.

dr fowlds working on thandi 2

Dr. Fowlds

Supported by Dr. William Fowlds, they assist rhino anti-poaching efforts with intelligent solutions and innovative technology systems.

Why we support them

  • It’s about adopting an ‘inter-agency’ approach, in other words getting different groups such as military, police, private reserves and national parks to work together.
  • It’s about engaging the local communities and giving individuals not just a job but a career path to follow.
  • It’s about allowing effective management of eco-systems and biodiversity.
  • It’s about bringing anti-poaching techniques to a new level as far as technology is concerned.
  • While the initial focus of RPA is South Africa, there are plans to roll the initiative out across the rest Africa and Asia, meaning all species of rhino will ultimately benefit from their work.

Over all, RPA have very similar beliefs to our own – that by working together, and playing to our own individual strengths is the only way  we will win the war against the poachers.  This is why we have adopted RPA as one of our beneficiary projects.

During this crucial time for rhinos, technology and united efforts are imperative to their survival. Please consider helping by donating today.

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4 thoughts on “Help Us Help Them: RPA

  1. My heart breaks for their suffering. God bless those who try to ease their pain.

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