Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

In a planet filled with millions of people and animals, life and death are facts, taken for granted. There is usually not much fanfare to either one. But for a celebrated, highly endangered and fought for species like the rhino, every birth is celebrated, every death is mourned.

Regretfully, The Rhino Orphanage has just lost an orphan.

baby rhino died


Vets at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Hospital made the difficult decision to put the young black rhino down after extensive tests showed there was nothing else that could be done for him. He’s had a long journey of medical treatment, and has deteriorated since last year.

Arrie van Deventer who runs the orphanage said It was the darkest day. So many people have cared so much for the rhino and I am grateful for the efforts of everybody to try and nurse the rhino back to good health – especially the vets at Onderstepoort. But in the end there was nothing more we could do for him. It is a tragic loss but we will refocus our efforts to save as many rhino as we can and care for the ones in our care and the ones that will surely follow.”

It takes mere minutes to kill a rhino, yet years to rehabilitate one. In a world of greed and evil, thankfully there are those who have endless strength, dedication and love to do just that. Appreciation goes out to the Rhino Orphanage, and to all those who live, fight and work for these magnificent creatures every day.


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4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

  1. Karen

    R.I.P. I am mourning.

  2. So sorry about the Rhino– I’ve never seen one up close and purrsonal, but I have a feeling he’d be fun to ride on! Keep up the good work, human! (purrs)!

  3. I’m sorry for the loss of this beautiful creature…I hope all of his caregivers are finding peace

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