Corey Who?

Ever since the Dallas Safari Clubs auction to hunt a black rhino in Namibia, one man has become the face of this tragedy. His lust for the hunt has earned him both contempt from conservation advocates, and defense from hunters. Although he bears disdain for his action, he is one of many “thrill of the kill” hunters, who deserves no further mention.

Blaming Knowlton is like blaming a single roach for an infestation. They only come because the conditions are right. And they will continue animal trophiesto come unless the environment is changed.

We mustn’t lose focus on the big picture. Namibia offered this rhino up to be hunted, the US has no qualms of the trophy being brought back, and the Dallas Safari Club encourages it. This is  barbaric, unsettling, but legal.

The big concern and goal is to stop the practice of trophy hunting altogether. How?

In some ways this seems as grand and daunting as saying “I want world peace”. There is not a one step answer.  But it’s something that is necessary if our endangered species are to survive. It requires cooperation from all countries, one law at a time.

United States

Here in the US, it is LEGAL to buy and sell ivory within the country, AND to import ivory and horn via hunting trophies But the tide may be changing.

June 2013 President Obama gave an executive order to combat wildlife poaching. Recognizing the international importance on not only the effects on wildlife, but on national security, as illegal wildlife trafficking is within the top five world crime.

November 2013 The US Fish and Wildlife Service destroyed 6 tons of it’s ivory stockpile. 25 years worth of illegal seizures were pulverized in order to send a message of zero tolerance to poachers. As the second largest ivory market (behind China), this is an important step in the countries’ stance on wildlife conservation.

crushed ivory

US Fish and Wildlife Service involved in Denver, Colarado’s ivory crush.

January 2014 The state of New York held a meeting to discuss banning ivory within the state. Assemblyman Bob Sweeney wrote a letter imploring the Department of Conservation to prohibit the sale of ivory in New York.

“New York state must close the market that is driving the elephant to extinction and helping finance terrorism,” Sweeney said.

February 2014 The state of Hawaii just announced the House Committee unanimously advanced a bill to outlaw the sale of all ivory products in the state.

If this country is indeed on it’s way to a full ban of ivory, trophy hunting WILL be affected. As there would be no elephant trophies allowed into the country. And in this matter,  ivory is no different than horn. The same notion applies: preservation of wildlife and the poaching connection to international terrorism.

If the great thrill hunters cannot boast of their hunt with trophies on their walls, perhaps they will be less inclined to do it at all.

Sign and share this petition by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to stop allowing permits to import endangered species. Protect Black Rhinos from Trophy Hunting & the petition by Animal Advocates to the Secretary of the Interior Prevent Dallas Safari Club from Importing Rhino Trophies

rhino and baby at watering hole


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9 thoughts on “Corey Who?

  1. I don’t have much love for USFWS.

    I read this week that there is more talk about making it legal to raise rhinos to “harvest” the horn. I don’t like that, and I am going to write about that this week.

  2. narhvalur

    I read that WWF, IUCN and Traffick supports Corey. Those NGOs don’t oppose hunting:(

    • You’re right Narhvalur. Not all NGOs oppose hunting. And technically it IS legal as it stands. But it is Fight for Rhinos opinion hunting endangered species is counter-productive and should in no way be allowed. It goes against the very reason of classifying them as endangered or threatened.

  3. Signed and rebooted.

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  5. Karen

    Thanks for this. It is easy to glom onto a prominent figure but he isn’t the root of the problem. He has brought attention to the issue, even if he is just one sorry excuse for a human being. I don’t know if many realized how horrendous the situation is, but the attention over him and what is going on did wake a few folks up. these things, like coyote killing contests, are coming to light more and more.

  6. Kobus Botha

    Drugs have been banned in the US for many years, they have destroyed tonnes of it, the US GOV went into Colombia to kill P.E. and still you can buy it around any corner in the US. Now they started to legalise it in Washington. Why? Destroying ivory and horn is not helping. It is supply and demand and how it is controlled. Most Chinese and Vietnamese will tell you that if they want it they will get it no matter what it takes or the cost. it is going to take years of educating a new genaration.
    They just stole a mother load in the Kruger National Park in SA. If it was legally sold, that money could have been used for concervation. If it was destroyed more will be killed to supply the demand.
    Ever asked the question, where does the money donated for RHINO concervation go? Do any of the private reserves ever benefit from these donation? There are private owners out there that truly are just trying to safe them, but what to they get?…..nothing. There is a lot of people out there that have a lot to say, what do they do when they can not profit from it………nothing!

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