Rhino Horn Use #24: Snow Shovel

Here in the midwest US, we’ve been in the shadow of a very long winter going on 3 months now.  Enduring record low temps and high snow fall amounts, the midwinter blues seem to be settling in on the animals just as much as the people.

The Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan is home to two very antsy, energetic black rhinos: Jello and Doppsee.


Rhino boma in summer and now.

It’s too cold and icy most days for them to be outside safely. So in the midst of this so-called polar vortex, the team at the zoo busy themselves with indoor enrichment activities for the duo to keep them occupied. (See previous posts:  In Love with Jello and Doppsee’s Day)

But on the rare above zero temp days, they’re treated to some fresh air. Here’s Doppsee enjoying the snow (or maybe trying to help us get rid of it):

WATCH: Doppsee’s Snow Day

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One thought on “Rhino Horn Use #24: Snow Shovel

  1. That’s rather sweet considering its own environment is so hot 🙂

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