Just When I Think I’ve Seen It All

elephant over fence

elephant over fence 2 by Indri Ultimate Wildlife Tours

An inspirational story that we recently received involves the Elephant in the photograph covering a huge distance across farmland without damaging a single fence! Our feeling when looking at these photographs is one of utter respect – an Elephant can easily break an obstructing farm fence! These majestic animals are full of integrity, intelligence and emotion. It’s about time they’re given the respect they deserve. (via Indri Ultimate Wildlife Tours)

We do not yet know the vast intelligence, grace and wonder of these animals.  30 elephants are lost each day to poaching for the sake of trinkets and carvings. To let them disappear would be a worldwide tragedy.

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7 thoughts on “Just When I Think I’ve Seen It All

  1. I agree. I would hate to see them extinct. Their such beautiful, sweet creatures.

  2. Luanne

    They are sweet intelligent animals!! So much to loose and so little to greedy poachers!!!

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  4. This made me laugh, and remember back when my brother work for Boeing the engineers were over in Africa, the one in engineering took entire family and rented a home for the year, this one elephant would come everyday and turn on the outside faucet to get a drink water, but he never turned it off and everyday you would come home the water be running all over the place, so he turned the water off inside and the elephant came for the water and ripped the whole pipe system out to get to the water!
    When he told the homeowner what happened, the guy said to him, oh I forgot to tell you don’t turn that water off!! The elephant had done it for years. 😀

  5. I love this! Elephants are truly amazing creatures that deserve an equally amazing life.

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