Ol Pejeta Conservancy: a Special Place for Rhino

What’s special about Ol Pejeta?

Besides the fact they are East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary, they are also home to the only 4 remaining northern white rhinos in the world.

four northerns 2

The remaining Northern White Rhinos are under constant armed guards.

Covering more than 350 square kilometres in Kenya, Ol Pejeta is home to many animals. The conservancy plays a vital role in the conservation of a number of other endangered species, including: Grevy’s zebra, lions, cheetahs, leopards, African hunting dogs, and elephants, as well.

Through Helping Rhinos and Fight for Rhinos, your donations will help maintain a safe and natural habitat for the rhinos of Ol Pejeta.

By working together we can stop rhino poaching and make sure that we save the rhino for future generations to enjoy.

Please go to the DONATE button on the left of the page or see banking details in How We Help at the top of the page. Every little bit is helpful.

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