Care and Share

UnlessWill caring about poaching, stop it? Well, it’s a start. Using the Google Trends tool, rhino poaching stats from 2010 -2014 were plotted against the online public interest on the topic.
According to Ayesha Cantor, It seems that when public interest is at its lowest then poaching is highest and vice versa. You could then conclude that rhino poaching must stay in the public eye in order to keep it under control.
(Thank you to Simon Naylor (Phinda) and Declan Hofmeyer (Madikwe) for pointing this out. )

Rhino poaching and google interest graphSo what does this mean? It means social media is one heck of a marketing tool for our rhinos. Its the most effective global means to get the message out!

care arrowsBottom line: as discouraging as it gets, public pressure works. We must sign petitions, share stories and articles, and bring the plight of our rhinos to each and everyone.

It IS working!

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3 thoughts on “Care and Share

  1. agnes111

    yes, I’m their voice , always done this , thanks

  2. Karen

    A big thanks for all you do, Rhino Grrl!

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