The Writing on the Wall

“There is another menacing storm heading south through Africa and the first ominous drops of blood fell on SA soil this week. ” -Will Fowlds

With poaching taking its toll  on 383 rhinos so far this year, South Africa is not new to the epidemic. But with rhino horn worth twenty times more than ivory, elephants haven’t been poached in the country for a decade… until now.
elephant with sun

In 2012 there were 16,700 elephants in Kruger National Park.

On Thursday, rangers found the dead bull elephant with missing tusks. They noted four sets of footprints leaving the park headed toward Mozambique.
Unfortunately this would be just “one more elephant” if it were Zimbabwe or Mozambique. But with the start of it in SA, this is devastating news. Proof of things to come.
“We have been alarmed about the elephant poaching happening in Central Africa and its more recent spread and escalation into East Africa and then Southern Africa. This latest news from Kruger National Park seems to prove that nowhere is safe and we need to respond strongly.”  -Jo Shaw, rhino program manager at WWF in Cape Town.
It is time for South Africa to strengthen its political will toward poaching of its wildlife. A no tolerance position is the only way to save Africa’s elephants and rhinos.
william fowlds

Dr. WIlliam Fowlds

 As Will Fowlds stated,
“If we don’t do more, the inevitable is coming our way. And they won’t stop at elephant either. With so many great initiatives growing in SA, we do have the ability to reverse this crisis. More protection, more education & demand reduction, more rescue & more political will.”


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