Your Dollars Working for Rhinos

Helping Rhinos & Fight for Rhinos Donation Spending for June

rpa-gyropterIn June we are delighted to provide enough funding to cover 6 months gyrocopter pilot salary to Reserve Protection Agency, totalling £3,300.  The newly launched gyrocopter will cover a number reserve’s in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and experience has shown that having  an ariel presence is a real deterrent to poachers. We hope that this increased ariel presence in the area will help reduce the incidents of poaching as well as provide other key conservation benefits.

fatu-150-pixWe are also delighted to confirm that the funds raised through our adopt a rhino scheme for the first half of 2014 total £2,500.  This is amount is now on its way to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and will be used to fund additional training for Ol Pejeta’s Head of Armed teams, including a 3 week visit to Kruger National Park to spend time with their Special Operations team.  This is a great example of different organisations working together for the good of the rhinos, and strategy we are very keen to support.  Help us to keep supporting Ol Pejeta by adopting a rhino today – simply click here.

black-mamba-trainingIn June we also were able to provide £900 to one of the Balule reserves in Limpopo, South Africa.  This funding will provide 12 months food the the Black Mambas anti-poaching team.  The Balule area, adjacent to the Kruger National Park is and forms part of the Greater Kruger Park.  It is an area target by poachers due to the overall rhino population, sheer vastness of the area and its proximity to the Mozambique border.  We hope this donation will help keep the key anti-poaching unit in place for the next 12 months at a minimum.

game_reserves_united_logoWe were very pleased to be able to continue to support Game Reserves United this quarter with a donation of £1,600.  Watch this space for details on how the funds will be used by GRU


helen-webAnd finally, thanks to a grant from Paradise Wildlife Park, we were able to provide£1,000 to researcher Caroline Rees in Botswana.  Caroline is researching how 6 rhinos adapt to being translocated from South Africa to Botswana.  This is vital research as there are plans to translocate a further 100 rhinos over the coming months and knowing how they will adapt is key to the success of the translocation.  Find out more about Caroline’s research here

Please help us continue our work! We can’t do it without you. Donate today.

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