Make it Count

The latest  photo causing a stir on the internet is an elite cheerleader with a “Let’s go, Let’s win!” smile plastered to her face. Except instead of pom-pons in her hand she’d holding a gun and standing over the body of a rhino.

She is one of many well-to-do Americans and Europeans whose hobby consists of bloodshed of African wildlife: trophy hunting. The $200 million dollar industry operates in 14 African countries, with South Africa being the largest.

Although disturbing to look at, it is not illegal. The current global laws in the US and Europe allow trophies to be imported into the country, following some guidelines.

Yet over 150,000 people have signed a petition to have her photos removed. Before her it was Melissa Bachman and Corey Knowlton. Assuming the photos ARE removed, what does that change?

Although public concern is welcome, why are we singling these people out? Why give them the attention? They are participating in a Legal activity. Outrage and energy are being misdirected.

Sign petitions and write letters to change laws, not people. If a fraction of those signatures on a photo removal could be directed to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it COULD make an impact.

Director Daniel M Ashe: Ban Endangered African Animal Trophy Imports From Namibia

Ban Breeding, Trading, and Trophy Hunting of Wildlife in South Africa

Ban Lion Trophy Imports into the US

Globally United Against Trophies into EU and US (on facebook)

Let’s focus and work together to stop the machine, not just it’s parts.








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7 thoughts on “Make it Count

  1. Fish and Wildlife doesn’t give a rat’s ass. They’re in on it — nothing but a pack of corrupt animal haters… Do you follow: Exposing the Big Game? He writes extensively on how these so-called animal welfare government agencies are anything but.


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