Last Call!

Wow! Our Support Rhinos and Rangers campaign is a success!! We’ve exceeded our minimum goal and so far there will be a dozen tee’s sent to Kenyan Rangers.

Thank you-each one of you who have made this a success!

There’s still time if you haven’t got yours! They make great gifts for the rhino lover in your life.       Hurry-sale ends tomorrow-the 14th.


FFR T both views

get a shirt

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6 thoughts on “Last Call!

  1. narhvalur

    Can’t understand how this can help Rhinos. All crazy NGOs all Selling cheap junk, that ruins the Earth’s resources. All this Save the Rhino propaganda is just a big business.

    • So I assume you will not be buying a shirt Ann Novek? If you read the info on the campaign, this is a FUNDRAISER. Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos are raising money to help with projects such as the gyrocopters used as anti-poaching protection in South Africa.

      • narhvalur

        You can hardly sell enough t-shirts to buy military Equipment! Get real!

        Everyone knows that the market has 1000 of Save the Rhino NGOs that are just fraud cheating people of Money.

      • We are one of many, and we do what we are capable of. Our success is dependent on our supporters. There are many ways to help without purchasing military equipment. As with all non-profits, sadly there are some who are not trustworthy, but that is not who we are. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know what constructive ways you have found to help the rhinos.


    I can’t read your emails. I would love to sign your petitions but not unless I know what its for.

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