Ranger Heroes: Johnny Bravo

Rangers are the frontline in rhino protection. They are the reason we have any rhinos left! Unfortunately the only rangers who seem to make the headlines are the few who betray our rhinos, and get lured into the greed and corruption that we hear way too much about.

It’s time to give the good guys their dues! Fight for Rhinos is spotlighting the individual heroes who are making a difference.Ranger Johny again

Name: Johny Bravo

Age: 28

Location: Employed in a private conservancy in Kenya


What has been your most rewarding OR most difficult moment as a ranger?

JB: The time I was almost killed by a buffalo, and the countless times I’ve escaped death from poachers.

Where would you like to travel someday?


What is your favorite meal?

JB: Chapati and stew

What makes you laugh?

JB: My son

What do you wish you had to fight poachers?

JB:  Soo many things needed to STOP poaching;  1- employment to fight with idlers, 2-try our best to stop ivory markets, and even corruption.

What do your family/friends/significant other think of your profession? And do they worry?

JB  My family and friends, think that I should change my work, because its too risky for my life…but I have no other options, I must work.

So if you COULD change jobs, would you? What would you do?

JB: I would like to, but  only if its concerning wildlife. I would like to teach the community on how to live with wildlife.

Johny stitched after buffalo

Bravo’s 4 hour stitching after the buffalo run-in.


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2 thoughts on “Ranger Heroes: Johnny Bravo

  1. good man keep it up mate x

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