Ranger Heroes: Stephen

Thank God for rangers! Poachers and corrupt politicians and Park staff are taking up too much of the headlines. Time to spotlight another one of the “good guys”!

Ranger Stephen


Name: Stephen

Age: 26

Location: Segera Ranch in Kenya

What has been your most rewarding OR most difficult moment as a ranger?

Stephen: Being chased by a buffalo!

Where would you like to travel someday?

Stephen: USA, Texas or California

Why the US?

Stephen:  I would like to see it’s development compared to Kenya. I would like also to further my education there. I like the way these people are loyal and patriotic to their country.

What is your favorite meal?

Stephen: meat

What makes you laugh?

Stephen: Friends

What do you wish you had to fight poachers?

Stephen: GPS microchips

What do your family/friends/significant other think of your profession? And do they worry?

Stephen: They love the wild, so they count me as a hero.


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