Ranger Heroes: Paul

Facing element, animal, and poacher, our rangers are the frontline in a bloody war of politics and principle. With the poaching stats rising, trade talk resurfacing, and in the midst of yet another full moon, it’s guys like Paul who help me sleep at night!

Name: PaulPaul

Age: 33

Location: Specialized counter poaching operator near Hoedspruit

What has been your most rewarding OR most difficult moment as a ranger?

Paul: The most rewarding thing doing what I do, is looking into the eyes of the poacher/suspect that you’ve hunted for so long. The most difficult is when we have to react, and proactive goes out the door.

Where would you like to travel someday?

Paul:  Anywhere in the world where people live in harmony with their surroundings and have respect for their animals

What is your favorite meal?

Paul:  I can’t leave any seafood or pasta alone

What is your ideal day off ?

Paul: Spending time with loved ones if possible. If not, then sleeping as much as I can.

What do you wish you had to fight poachers?

Paul:  We don’t need a lot of tech(nology) to fight these poachers, we just need more dedicated passionate operators in the field, and not just for the rhinos but the whole natural living eco-system.

What do your family/friends/significant other think of your profession? And do they worry?

Paul:  My family respect what I do, but don’t like it, as its always better for the next person to do it, but F*** That! I AM the next person.  This is not something you get to do because it’s a career choice, its something you are born with, passion for standing for something which belongs to the earth and everything on it.

Paul and rhino 3



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3 thoughts on “Ranger Heroes: Paul

  1. I agree with ranger Paul; we need dedicated and honest people. People who where born in the bush, who breath the bush, understand the bush and the animals. People who are willing to spend a lifetime in the bush, busy protecting animals as well as plants.
    I’m slowly getting old; it is heart warming to know there are strong young people working in the bush, in the hot African sun.

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