Trophy Games

What do lions, elephants and rhinos have in common? If things continue as they are, they will all be extinct in about 10 years.

Lion pride in the Masai Mara. photo: unknown

Lion pride in the Masai Mara. photo: unknown

One of the things we can do to help is to go on safari. The money raised from tourism is poured into conservation in the area. But one tourist took it a step further. After his trip to Kenya, he was inspired to make a documentary.

During a trip to the Maasai Mara last year, Andrew Brown learned how important wildlife and the tourism industry is to Kenya’s economical success.  No stranger to the world of film, when he returned to the States, he reached out to fellow film makers with the brainchild for “Trophy Games”.

mara ele

Elephants in Masai Mara photo: Ariadne van Zandbergen


The unique documentary will cover poaching and the wildlife trade from the perspective of  rangers and the community. We will get to see the rangers as fathers, neighbors, sons..and how they live in the midst of the poaching crisis.

The title “Trophy Games” comes from two different conversations Brown had. The first was with a Maasai man who said he didn’t think poaching was all that bad because people have made hunting a game for years. Killing animals was a way that you showed your community that you could provide and protect.

The other conversation was during a phone call Brown had with a conservation worker in Asia. She explained the Asian demand for ivory and rhino horn as if they were cherished trophies; symbols of wealth & accomplishment. Furthermore, she referred to the global policies surrounding ivory bans as just a collection of ‘trophy games’ that many government officials like to play as if it was nothing serious.

rhino in mara ALAMY

Rhino in the Mara. Photo: Alamy

Brown looks at this documentary as spotlight for the Kenyan people to get to know some of their country’s finest men.

It will be a tool that conservation awareness organizations in Kenya can take into rural communities and offer free public screenings, a tool to start a dialogue & bring awareness.

trophy games graphic

Proceeds will be given to Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the Big Life Foundation so that they can employ more wildlife rangers in the future.

BUT first this film needs to be completed! Please visit Trophy Games at Kickstarter. There is limited time to make this vision a reality. Without your help, this film won’t be made!




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