An Open Letter to Reese Witherspoon

In just 6 years, it’s possible we could lose all of our rhinos and elephants. And what’s most astounding about that is so many people STILL don’t even know! The challenge is in getting this into every newspaper, television and computer. Celebs are starting to speak out, but it’s not enough. I invite you all to write politicians, celebrities, and people who are in a position to help. It doesn’t have to be long, but it DOES have to be written. We MUST speak out. And who knows, you might be surprised at what happens…


Dear Ms. Witherspoon,

I have your next “passion project”!

Having had a role in bringing awareness to the poaching crisis in Africa in “A Far Off Place”, I know you’re familiar with the ongoing slaughter of our wildlife. If we don’t bring an end to this, our rhinos and elephants will be extinct in just 6 short years!

If we let this happen your children and mine will never have the experience of seeing them in the wild; in fact they may not even see them at all.

As the founder of the US-based non-profit, FIGHT FOR RHINOS, we raise funds and awareness to the plight of the rhinos. But we struggle with achieving adequate exposure to the crisis. If our rhinos are to survive this, we need as many voices as possible.

I know you have backed many charitable causes, but if this touches your heart, I  am asking for your help. Your presence has touched many people, and spreading the urgent message of protecting our rhinos would be a gift to us, to the rhinos, and to our future generations.


Tisha Wardlow

P.S: A sequel to “A Far Off Place” would be a timely and brilliant piece of work!

"A Far Off Place" 1993

“A Far Off Place” 1993

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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Reese Witherspoon

  1. David Offor

    Fighting for the protection of our wildlife, I feel, is one of the most important issues that governments seem to be avoiding, probably due to the under table deals they are doing.
    Stop the hunters, stop the poachers, protect our wildlife.

  2. A sequel to “a Far Off Place” is an excellent thought! Such a film can open the eyes of people, to see what is happening in Africa and in the East.
    I hope Ms Reese Witherspoon will think seriously about it – she is the right person for such a role.

  3. Agree as spoke to some friends back in UK and I was surprised that they were surprised by my comments on massive losses of species.

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