Ranger Hero: Nickname “Rhino”

alpheus ranger 2

“Rhino” does his part as a ranger because “animals are our heritage and if they die our children’s might be unable to know them”

Name: “Rhino” Ramorulane

Age: 33

Location: Limpopo, South Africa 

What has been your most rewarding OR most difficult moment as a ranger?

“Rhino”: The most rewarding is the all the support I get from other people who appreciate what I’m doing.

Where would you like to travel someday?

“Rhino”: I’d like to visit any country outside of Africa, especially those places where there’s rhinos.

What is your favorite meal?

“Rhino”: I like salads, fruits and vegetables.

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Rhino”: I like watching the news and going to church.

What do you wish you had to fight poachers?

“Rhino”: I wish we had cars to make patrolling easier.

What do your family/friends/significant other think of your profession?

“Rhino”: This is the kind of a job that most of my friends like so much and my family is fine with it.

Rhino is currently between ranger jobs and would be delighted to find his next position soon. If anyone is interested, they can contact fightforrhinos.com for contact details.






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