Our Future Wildlife Warriors

one special rhino brooklyn ps 107

Brooklyn ps 107 kids help write “One Special Rhino” to benefit rhino conservation.

There’s no doubt the future of our wildlife will be a continuous battle, carrying on into future generations. Educating kids about the peril and the importance of our wildlife is vital not only for their survival but for the health of the planet.

RHino children books


*The book “One Special Rhino, The Story of Andatu” is written by kids at a New York elementary school and proceeds benefit the International Rhino Foundation.

*“Chitzi’s Tale” is written by Jack Jones and 100% of proceeds benefit TUSK.

*A more recent book “An Elephant Called Butterfly” is written by Marian Hailey-Moss benefits elephant conservation and will soon be available on Amazon.


One of the best ways to discuss and educate is through the orphans. With the plethora of babies and orphanages, there is no shortage of videos and photos to share.

Whether rhino, elephant, gorilla or tiger…be involved, get your kids involved. You might just be raising the next Daphne Sheldrick or Jane Goodall.








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One thought on “Our Future Wildlife Warriors

  1. Children are our only hope for things to change. We must raise awareness about the plight of other species.

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