Ranger Jack

Spotlighting one of Kenya’s finest wildlife warriors-

ranger jack

Ranger Jack

Name: Jackson Pemba Kuyioni
Age: 24 years old
Location: Nairobi National Park, Rhino Unit

What is the most rewarding thing about your job as a ranger?

Jack: The most rewarding part is that i have developed both socially and economically.I have interacted with different people from different places worldwide and as a result shared experiences, ideas among others. Socially have resulted to my economic development especially when I meet with businessmen and women, as they encourage me in protecting flora and fauna. This is where I got ideas of investment which am planning to do.

What are the biggest challenges?

Jack: Challenges I face as ranger are quite numerous but these are the major ones *harsh environments especially during the rain ,cold and presence of moonlight which is advantageous to poachers.
*lack of teamwork (although its rare)
*lack of modern equipment (eg.GPS,night vision)
*limited time with my family and friends
*long working hours
*poor payment

Where would you like to visit?

Jack: America and Australia

What’s your favorite meal?

Jack: Milk and ugali

What are your hobbies?

Jack: Bird-watching, watching wildlife documentaries, nature walks and visiting friends.

What do you wish you had to help fight poachers?

Jack: I believe there are many things, but community involvement is the best. Community is a stakeholder in conservation ; in Kenya about 60% of wildlife is outside protected areas where in this places they coexist with people. Poachers live in the community and they are members , once the community is educated then getting information about poachers will be easier.

Why did you become a ranger?

Jack: I became a ranger because of the passion I had for wildlife conservation, I am passionate of being a ranger and am proud of it. I admire anything related to wildlife. Before I became a ranger I had a lot of interest in conservation but when I became a ranger it was the best for me, interracting directly with wildlife.

What do your family and friends think of your profession?

Jack: They always say i am well paid, that  I am playing critical role in protecting wildlife . Some think that its an easy job, to some its hard especially dealing with problematic animals like hippopotamus.

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