Calling All Artists!

Are you a talented, serious artist?

Do you want to save rhinos?

Introducing the perfect opportunity: Art for Rhinos

karenmoorhouse 2

by Karen Moorhouse

Fight for Rhinos can’t help but notice the talented, sometimes whimsical, sometimes poignant pieces of African art out there!  At the same time, we receive a steady stream of “How can I help?” questions.

Monetary donations are ALWAYS appreciated and put directly to use! But for those of you for whom money doesn’t come easy, but art does, we are asking for your original art pieces as a donation.

*Anything original (no reprints please) involving rhinos or Africa, including landscaping, wildlife, people.

*Send us an email at with a photo of your art

*We will send you a release form

*Send us the art, along with your bio and what you’d like included in it, along with a suggested selling price.

*Once sold, we’ll send you a receipt including our charitable number, with the amount it was sold for.

It’s that simple. We are collecting pieces by no later than April; so we have time to catalog and photograph them; as well take inventory of what we have.


Dr. Fowlds and Thandi by: Heather Shreve



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4 thoughts on “Calling All Artists!

  1. What an excellent (and exciting) idea Tisha. I really hope it goes well for you. I will keep posting it on Twitter and Facebook for you. Regards, Paul.

  2. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

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