Call for Presidential Protection for Rhinos

jacob zumaThe South African Presidents office has called on us to let him know what we would like to hear him say during this weeks State Of The Nation address.

Protecting the world’s largest wild rhino population rests heavily South Africa’s shoulders. Respectfully let President Zuma know it’s time to stop brushing poaching under the rug. A little political will would go a long way!

Tweet  your suggestions to @PresidencyZA #SONA2015

Go to The Presidency South Africa and submit your comments under “contact us”.


international rhino





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5 thoughts on “Call for Presidential Protection for Rhinos

  1. Boner

    Don’t give him ideas, rather wait to see what or what he does not say.
    Anything he says about rhino-poaching is bound to be mereley lip-service.
    Just look at what’s happening in the HAWKS>

    • The reality is his lack of action is pathetic and inexcusable. But saying nothing accomplishes nothing. When enough people make noise, it applies pressure. With enough pressure, things DO change. We cannot sit back and shake our heads in silence, we must be vocal.

  2. Zunaid

    Follow botswana example on their Shoot to kill poachers policy!! Only than will these damn poachers stop the massacres!!


    There are 2 reasons for protecting these animals: because you love and respect the Rhinos’ or you love and respect the tourists; either way I would like the rhinos to be protected

  4. Judy Rees

    How incredible your country is. To have so many magnificent creatures sharing this earth with you. What an Incredibly Important job is ahead of your Government to protect them all. Fight hard and stop the poaching, canned and trophy hunting. Tourism is the only ethical way.

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