The Most Highly Trafficked Animal on Earth

Today is World Pangolin Day. So what’s a Pangolin? Arguably the most endangered and least heard of animal on Earth.

World Pangolin Day 2014

Like rhinos and elephants, pangolins are severely endangered and desired by Asian communities. Not much is known about these mysterious creatures, as they are nocturnal and highly secretive. Making it even more difficult for scientists is the fact they are quickly disappearing.


*There are 8 species of Pangolins; 4 living in Asia, 4 living in Africa.

*They are also referred to as “scaly anteaters”

*Pangolins are mainly nocturnal and feed primarily on insects.

*They have no teeth, only sticky tongues, which they can extend up to 40 cm (16 in).

*Pangolins have poor eyesight and hearing, but a strong sense of smell.

*Pangolin scales are made of keratin and compromise 20% of the animal’s body weight. They are a natural defense for the little mammals, but also the reason they are poached.

Roxy and Maria again

Roxy the Cape Pangolin formed a special bond with Maria from the Rare and Endangered Species Trust

Pangolin Roxy and Maria of REST Rare & Endangered Species Trust

Roxy and Maria.

ROxy and baby

Roy carries her baby on her back.

Petition: Save endangered Pangolins from illegal poaching.

Petition: Help endangered Pangolins by featuring them in a Disney film

Baby pang standing by maria diekmann

Baby pangolin by: Maria Diekmann

Photos from REST, featured in Africa Geographic.









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5 thoughts on “The Most Highly Trafficked Animal on Earth

  1. Hope the Pangolin receives some respite from being exploited by the worst species of living beings on earth, Homo Sapiens.


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