Watching the sun set on a Species

Northern whites in sunset tony karumba AFP

Northern whites at Ol Pejeta. by Tony Karumba

Plan A was to make conditions as perfect as possible to breed the last remaining Northern White Rhinos.  Ol Pejeta did everything they could to make that a possibility.

Plan B was to cross-breed the Northern whites with the Southern whites to at least perpetuate this precious gene pool. Somehow they would still live on; their genes remaining part of rhino populations to come.

But for the last living male, Sudan, and the two remaining females, Najin and daughter Fatu, this will not be an option. All three are getting on in age. Najin (25) has weak knees and cannot endure the breeding attempts. In a cruel twist of fate,  Fatu (14) is infertile, and Sudan (38) has weak sperm.


The last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, Sudan. by: Ed Barthorp/Ol Pejeta Conservancy


So now what? There’s no superman, no magical 11th hour miracle, no known options left to us. THIS is extinction. Watch, appreciate and admire them while they breathe.

Human greed and ego have slaughtered this species to the point of irreversible catastrophe.  We are witnessing the last of the Northern White Rhinos. It is inevitable.

But the big question is- Will we learn from it? Will we allow it to happen again? The Sumatrans, the Javans..they are dangerously close to the same fate. Black, White and Greater One-horned rhinos aren’t much further behind them.

We must not let the Northern Whites die in vain. It is our duty to learn from them, and to prevent the future decimation of rhinos and other species on our planet. The future of rhinos is NOT doomed, it is in the balance, waiting for us to determine the outcome. Vigilance, commitment and determination can preserve the rhinos, and in the end, our own fates as well.

You can be a part of the final days by “adopting” the Northern Whites at Ol Pejeta: Adopt a Northern White Rhino. Proceeds are used on their care, as well as care of the other rhinos at Ol Pejeta.






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13 thoughts on “Watching the sun set on a Species

  1. Mary-Ann Leroy

    My heart aches for these amazing beasts. It is a huge shame that our Asians folk do not respect these animals.

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  3. paul959christian

    This is so sad Tisha – what has man done!!!

    • The silver lining is that there are those of us who care enough to try to turn things around! It is our obligation and our calling!

  4. ravenskeeper

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Another nail in the coffin for non human animals, and man is the one who hammered the nail. Such a blemish on humans that we bring about the extinction of another life form that we share this planet with. Breaks my heart, and these are not the only species facing this fate. Disgraceful!

  5. ravenskeeper

    Would it not be possible to harvest eggs from Najin and sperm from Sudan and use a surrogate female from a another species to carry and rear the off spring? It has been successful with other species suffering the same fate, Expensive I know but I am sure the funds could be raised.

  6. This is sad and no super heroes to deal with this now but maybe there will be thoe strength of many people to prevent this being the case for all rhinos.

  7. I wish that we could have done more. I love Rhinos but I can’t adopt since I have no money.
    People disgust me and I keep thinking, is money really more important then a life? No matter how big or small?

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