Ranger Omaria

We can never begin to imagine what rangers go through or thank them enough for their tireless work for our wildlife on a daily basis. Bottom line-if there were no rangers, there would be no rhinos or elephants left. Here is yet another hero, dedicating himself to our wildlife…


Name: Omaria (Ken)ranger ken
Age: 36 years old
Location: Meru National Park, Kenya

What is the most difficult thing about your job as a ranger?

My most difficult moment was when I went through some disciplinary process famously known as ‘orderly room processing’ for a mistake made by my colleague and not me. Just because the lady ranger was in a relationship with an officer. I was therefore made sacrificial lamb.

Where would you like to visit someday?

 I would love to visit South Africa see how they protect their wildlife. And the USA to see generally how life is in the “first world”.

What is your favorite meal?

 Ugali (famous in East Africa) and some roast meat(Nyama Choma)

What would your ideal day be?

My ideal day would be when am home with my family,my wife and 3 boys and a daughter; normally 5 days after every three months, and 30 total working days annual leave, once every year.

What do you wish you had to fight poaching?

To fight poachers we need tents and night vision goggles (since rhino poachers have become nocturnal) We would also need water tanks at the Rhino bases.

What do your family and friends think of your job?

My family/friends see me as privileged to be here keeping wildlife. When I am home my sons John, Bill and Wycliffe and their grandparents ask me if the animals are safe when I’m away. Wycliffe my 4 year son calls himself Leopard/Chui in Swahili.

If you could do something else, would you?

If I was to do something else, I want to be a pilot. Flying aircrafts to provide security for wildlife, provide veterinary support  services for research and translocation purposes; animal game census and transport of rations (including ammunition) to rangers in anti poaching units. Or be a lecturer teaching Wildlife,environment and Tourism management. 

“Going to church does not make you any more of a christian than standing in a garage would make you a car. It is all about Faith. My love for our animals and now my decision to protect them goes beyond Faith and passion. God bless us the wildlife guardians and sworn warriors. Our wildlife our heritage.”



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3 thoughts on “Ranger Omaria

  1. He and all the other Rangers are doing an amazing and dangerous job. The majority of people I think know we are indebted to them for protecting our planets heritage. Thank you all.

  2. Always like hearing about the different wildlife rangers out there risking their lives for the animals

  3. Sherry Malotte

    Thank you so much for all you do!!

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