The Voice of Reason

The permission has been granted for the American trophy hunt of a Namibian black rhino. The stance of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is that by killing this “old bull” it will aid in conservation. But I invite the director Daniel Ashe to listen closely to the people who know best, the men and women on the ground.

black rhino alamy

Namibian black rhino (by Alamy)

 “In forty years of close association with black rhinoceros, I have NEVER known of a free ranging wild old male past his breeding period targeting, and killing, rhino females and calves but, rather, the odd fights have only, in my own experience, occurred amongst breeding competing males, as is common in other species.

In Africa old age is respected: by extension, it is un-African and basically unethical not to allow an old male that sired many calves a peaceful retirement, in the same way as breeding bulls in the cattle world are put out to pasture, not sent to the butcher, once they stop being productive. It is equally unethical to use two sets of measures for poachers, who shoot a wild animal for financial gain, and are arrested or shot, and for a wealthy legal hunter who can pay a fortune for the pleasure to kill it, and is congratulated instead? In both cases a dead endangered animal is the end product. This auction is cruel, ill-timed, and to be condemned.

If the person bidding to shoot the rhino bull has that spare cash available, why not DONATE it to the cause and leave the poor rhino alone? The old rhino does not deserve a bullet.

– Kuki Gallmann; Conservationist, author, founder of The Gallmann Memorial Foundation and honorary game warden.” 


Please tell the USFWS how your feel (civilly)    USFWS

Twitter: @DirectorDanAshe @SecretaryJewell
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6 thoughts on “The Voice of Reason

  1. Debra Olivier

    I am so tired of people trying to justify trophy hunting. How can you be “rescuing” an animal by trophy hunting bulls when the rhino are already plummeting towards extinction. I am not a scientist. I am a farmers daughter. NEVER have we had to “cull” the old bulls of any species – it is absolute diatribe that they stop the young bulls from breeding … The young bulls naturally oust them. These people just swallow the ship fed to them. LEAVE OUR RHINO ALONE COREY YOU KNOW!

  2. I’m no expert, but surely the argument for allowing hunting is that it makes the animals profitable for the local ranchers to then breed and nurture? Isn’t that exactly what happened to the white rhino in the 20th century?

    • The answer lies in the proof. Theoretically the way the USFWS puts it, two things should happen #1-that pesky old bull will be out of the way to allow for more uninterrupted breeding. But actually as is the way with most males in the animal kingdom, “survival of the fittest”. There is almost always competition and fighting between males. It’s nature. And #2-this serves to benefit the economy of Namibia. What is actually more beneficial-the death of one rhino? Or the tourism from the viewing of multiple rhinos? While this will make a lovely one-off check, it is not sustainable.

  3. Vivian Brien

    Please stop this brutality. You are saying it is ok to murder a beautiful animal who deserves to live. This is murder. Please donate the money instead if murder.

  4. Claire Burdett

    Here’s Dan’s email – tell him directly what you think. I have.

  5. USFWS… Catering to trophy killers and killers of ALL wildlife species around the world…. (their literal comments/post)

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