Northern Whites Go Viral

After the Dodo picked up  The Last Male on Earth, it went viral. Huffington Post and CNN ran the story of the Northern Whites, and the world took notice. The beautiful creatures’ lives are a tragedy like no other and are deservingly capturing the attention of the world.

Our story on Sudan, has helped our colleagues at Ol Pejeta Conservancy raise 20,000GBP in just three days! But their campaign isn’t over. It takes a lot to keep rangers trained and safe, not to mention the phenomenal amount of care that goes into caring for over a hundred rhinos!

They are over half way on their goal. The Northern Whites, as well as the southern whites, and black rhinos need our support. Please continue to support Ol Pejeta and Fight for Rhinos, as we continue to protect the world’s rhinos.

Donate to : Ol Pejeta: Keep the Rhino Rangers Safe  and  Fight for Rhinos: Preserving the world’s rhinos

Keep the momentum going and spread the word! Let’s help keep them safe!.

Sudan and Mohammed

Sudan with one of his keepers, Mohammed

For more on the Northern Whites: Watching the Sun Set on a Species, What Happened to the Northern Whites, Plan B


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