After the Mudwallow

after the mudwallow closeup

After the Mudwallow by Andrew Bone

Andrew Bone is a conservationist and a bushman, who conveys his love of Africa beautifully through his work. This stunning piece captures the raw power of the white rhinos, as well as the beauty of the African landscape.

Living in the Imire Game Ranch in his native Zimbabwe, he has dedicated his life to conservation and fundraising to help preserve the wildlife around him.

As a conservationist first and an artist second, Bone prefers to spend all of his time in the bush. The relationship between the two careers is a happy one. He explains that he cannot have one without the other, and he’s happy with the way it’s all worked out. To him, painting is a way to spread his message of conservation and introduce people all over the world to the species of Africa.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own this stunning piece at our online auction on June 1st. All proceeds directly benefit our rhino conservation programs (Ol Pejeta, Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, Greater Reserves United, Vision Africa and RPU program of Indonesia). Take a peek at the pieces so far available: Art Auction for Rhinos


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