Do South Africans even know they have rhinos?

Is South African ignorance and apathy killing rhinos? paula with ele 2

From Kenyan wildlife advocate Paula Kahumbu

Dear friends,

I travel to South Africa regularly to speak at major conservation conferences. I always hope to be surprised by finding this country’s Wangari Mathaai. So far the only person of colour at one meeting was a photographer. A few days ago, my taxi driver told me he had no idea if South Africa had rhinos! I have been told that Africans dont know, dont care, and are simply not interested or worthy of engaging. My view is that THIS IS TOTAL BOLLOCKS and represents dangerous thinking. People of colour in South Africa are propably the only people with the power to move their leadership.

Zuma is unlikely to listen to a rabid Kenyan!
WHATS AT STAKE? South Africa is about to propose a re-opening of rhino horn trade that could wipe out the species.
The decision to open trade or not, should involve the people of this country, just as Kenyans lobby to save elephants. But I have not met a single person of colour in SA who is aware that the world is poised on the edge of rhino extinction due to SA policies.

On 19th May I speak at The WILDLIFE IN CRISIS conference at Cape Town University. It will be a tense debate between pro and anti trade advocates.
I need your help to reach out to South Africans to attend, learn, and engage in this debate.
I need your help to reach South Africans, especially previously disenfranchised groups, to come to the 3 day event which is free to the public.
Please out me in touch with teachers, politicians, CEO’s, journalists, bloggers, university profs, students, experts, diplomats etc, as quickly as possibke.

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