Nepal Rhinos at the epicenter

The tragedy following Nepal’s earthquake has devastated the country. Home to about 500 greater one-horned rhinos, what effect has this had on conservation efforts of their population?

The World Wildlife Foundation has about 100 people working on conservation efforts across the country. According to WWF,

 “Amid the heart-breaking human tragedy of this earthquake, my colleagues in Nepal have done their best to continue their work, and have recently shared a bit of welcome conservation news – that rhino populations in the country are increasing. They will have much work to do over the following months – rebuilding their homes and communities. But this achievement gives me great hope for the recovery that will come.”

The rhino population has increased by a fifth. This news comes after announcing the country has achieved 365 days of NO POACHING of rhinos for the third time in five years. This is no small feat considering rhinos in South Africa are being hit hard with what will be another record year of poaching.

Anil Manandhar, country representative of WWF Nepal, which supported the count, said: “These are trying times for Nepal and its people. Stories such as this indeed shine a much-needed ray of hope.

greater one horned in chitwan by vivek raj maurya

Greater one-horned in Chitwan National Park, home to the second largest rhino population in the world.  Photo: Vivek Raj Maurya





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2 thoughts on “Nepal Rhinos at the epicenter

  1. This absolute warms my heart, to know that at least there is a ray of hope for these majestic creatures in Nepal. Thank you to all those who help preserve them and keep them from poachers…now we need to do that in Africa as well! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

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