Thula Thula: protecting the future

The reality is that aggressive poaching is pushing our iconic rhino’s closer and closer to the brink of extinction. It is becoming increasingly evident that every rhino we can save is critical in this war on poaching and the fight to rescue a species.

thul orphan

One of the many tragic fallouts of the poaching crisis is the orphaned young rhinos that are left behind once the mothers have been killed. A rhino calf has no horn and depends entirely on its mother for food and protection from predators. Rhino calves suckle up to the age of 18-months and losing it’s mother in infancy often has a deadly outcome.

There is a country-wide shortage of facilities with the ability to take in these brave little souls, and as a result we are losing young rhino that could have saved. In response to this need a unique partnership has been formed between The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO), Thula Thula Private Game Reserve and the local communities represented by their respective chiefs.Thula Thula

A world-class care facility has been constructed to give these magnificent animals the fighting chance they deserve at survival. This unique care facility will not only address the physical needs of the rhino but also nurture them mentally and emotionally to ensure that they are fully rehabilitated back into the wild.

It has been designed with guidance from world-renowned rhino expert Karen Trendler, the LAEO and the Thula Thula wild team.

Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos proudly support Thula Thula in their efforts in saving and rehabilitating the orphans. Their survival is critical to the future of black and white rhino populations.


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