Amputees for Rhinos

thandi and dr fowlds

Veterinarians work on Thandi in the early days after her poaching.

Saving the Survivors, our newest colleagues in the global Rhino Alliance, have launched an eye-catching and creative new campaign to raise awareness to the rhino poaching crisis.

Amputees for Rhinos draws a striking parallel to the disfigurement of current amputee 1poaching survivors like Thandi and Hope.

Veterinarian and expert on the ground for rhino poaching, Johan Marais stated “People need to be made aware of the brutality with which the animals are killed. The ones left alive are left with horrific injuries, with huge parts of their faces gouged out, and bullet wounds in their legs.”

The campaign makes the point that thanks to available medical attention, their lives were saved. With each rhino victim left in the wake of a poaching trauma, funds are badly needed to treat and rehabilitate the survivors. It is a grueling uphill battle to save them, and with the current numbers, each and every life counts.

amputee 2One of the campaigns volunteers, Partington Mtatabikwa, who lost an arm and a leg in a mining accident said “I was lucky – help came. Otherwise I would have lost much more. Rhinos are seldom so lucky.”


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One thought on “Amputees for Rhinos

  1. ravenskeeper

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    Please help if you can. Reblog, tweet, whatever you can do to get the message out to as many people as possible. This heinous trade needs to end.

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