Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival

Bear Grylls Survival Race

Bear Grylls is giving you the chance to prove that you have the same survivor instincts that he does by participating in a 10k survival race that he personally designed with his team.

This unique event is designed to test and develop your tenacity and adventurous spirit. It is a tough race requiring both physicality and courage. Bear and his team have ensured there is a minimum of 35+ obstacles to challenge racers along the course which will include a series of mud runs, obstacle races and survival challenges.

For more info see Bear Grylls Survival Race website.

bear grylls

The Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival Heat

Bear is passionate about saving the world’s rhinos from extinction and dedicates a lot of his time to this cause. To honour his passion for this cause, Bear has dedicated one of the 10k Survival Race heats to raise funds and awareness for the rhinos. This heat is called the “Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival” and will have exactly the same rules, regulations and obstacles as all the other 10k heats. There are only 400 tickets available for this exclusive heat, which is open to anyone over the age of 14.

By way of thanking you for choosing to race for the rhino, we have arranged for The Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival heat to be one of only three heats which will be started by Bear himself. In addition, the entry to this heat only is free for those who raise a minimum of £150 for the plight of the rhino. The funds raised will be split between four rhino charities working together to combat the poaching problem;  Tusk, Helping Rhinos, Rooting for Rhino and Wilderness Foundation.

For more info and to support our friends at Helping Rhinos : Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival


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